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Climate Solutions: Is It Feasible to Remove Enough CO2 from the Air?…

Yale Environment 360 interviews the chair of a US scientific panel regarding technologies for removing CO2 from the atmosphere…  Read the interview here: Advertisements

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Threatened Nations Aim for 100 Percent Renewables… 

Global renewable energy update from Threatened Nations Aim for 100 Percent Renewables

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Latin America Has Enormous Untapped Potential for Green Infrastructure…

from “Latin America, like the rest of the world, should focus on developing electric power infrastructure with renewable sources and with the least possible environmental impact, in an attempt to depend less and less on fossil fuels,” Santiago Ortega, a Colombian engineer who specialises in renewable energy sources… (read article below) Latin America Has […]

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Protecting biodiversity in the Caribbean…

In the following article published by ‘’ (Q&A: “Protect Your Biodiversity”), IPS correspondent Desmond Brown chats with Richard Huber, chief of the Sustainable Communities, Hazard Risk, and Climate Change Section of the Department of Sustainable Development of the Organisation of American States (OAS), about renewable energy and energy efficiency. Read some excerpts from the interview here: Q&A: “Protect Your […]

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Offshore wind farms can tame hurricanes rather than be destroyed by them, says ground-breaking research led by Stanford University that touts the benefits of wind power… The full article can be found here: THE OFFSHORE WIND OF CHANGE

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Caribbean Walks the Talk on Clean Energy Policy – Inter Press Service…

Source:… “BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Jan 28 2014 (IPS) – Despite having an abundance of wind and sunshine, Caribbean countries have found that going green is requiring significant shifts in policy, and most importantly, significant financing. But despite these challenges, they are not daunted. Barbados, for instance, which spends an estimated 400 million dollars annually on […]

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Floating windfarms raise hopes for a greener future…

“A green light for new floating platforms off the Scottish coast should help lower the cost of a low-carbon economy…” See the full article at   Source: (environment – wind power)

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10 Ideas to Generate Green Energy – The Green Optimistic…

From The Green Optimistic “We keep publishing stories on how to generate renewable energy, which tell us about investments worth millions. Scientific research, energy companies as well as governmental institutions come up with great solutions at very large scales. Of course, the materializing of all these projects and discussions might take a while, so let’s […]

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Global Renewable Energy On Track to Soon Eclipse Natural Gas, Nuclear

From National Geographic, Daily News: “The future appears to be bright for renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and water. In fact, power generation from such renewables will exceed that of gas and nuclear by 2016, according to a report published Wednesday by the International Energy Agency (IEA)…” See details below: Global Renewable Energy On Track to […]

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