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Seas of Death and Hope…

STOCKHOLM / ROME, Feb 11 2019 (IPS) – The Mediterranean Sea is currently a sea of death. On the 20th of June every year, i.e. The World Refugee Day, an organization called UNITED for Intercultural Action publishes a “List of Deaths”, summarising information on where, when and under which circumstances a named individual has died due to the “fatal […]

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A Highway Megaproject Tears at the Heart of New Guinea’s Rainforest…

The Indonesian government is building a 2,700-mile road network on the island of New Guinea, opening up some of the world’s last great tropical rainforests to development and threatening unique indigenous cultures. Can international pressure force Indonesia to scale back this megaproject?… Read this article at Yale Environment 360:

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Lessons Learned from Centuries of Indigenous Forest Management…

In an interview with Yale Environment 360, ecologist Charles M. Peters discusses how, in an era of runaway destruction of tropical forests, the centuries-old ecological understanding of indigenous woodland residents can help point the way to the restoration of damaged rainforests… See the entire interview here at Yale Environment 360:

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Native Knowledge: What Ecologists Are Learning from Indigenous People…

Intro:  From Alaska to Australia, scientists are turning to the knowledge of traditional people for a deeper understanding of the natural world. What they are learning is helping them discover more about everything from melting Arctic ice, to protecting fish stocks, to controlling wildfires… Read the article here at Yale Environment 360:

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First Peoples Day…

First Peoples Day was observed today in Trinidad and Tobago, read about the First Peoples community and the activities that transpired during First Peoples week at their website:


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World Still Lagging on Indigenous Rights 10 Years After Historic Declaration, UN Experts Warn… 

A report on the rights of Indigenous peoples from August 9th was the International Day of the World’s Indigenous peoples. Read the report here: Read about the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples at Wikipedia… 

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Indigenous Peoples Lands Guard 80 Per Cent of World’s Biodiversity… 

Human rights news focusing on Indigenous Peoples from

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Indigenous people ‘excluded from development efforts’ – SciDev.Net… “Representatives of some of the world’s indigenous people have raised concerns that the global development agenda — including the UN’s Millennium Development Goals and their planned successors — is being implemented without their full consent and participation.   The 12th session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) in New York, which ended last […]

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