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Try these natural cures to ease migraines and headache pain…

(Natural News) Migraines can often be debilitating. More severe than common headaches, migraines are characterized by frequent, throbbing head pain, as well as nausea, chills, and a sensitivity to light and sound. People prone to or suffering from migraines should be careful with the food they eat. Certain foods might trigger onset, while others may be useful in […]

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Do You Have Healthy Blood Sugar? Here’s How To Tell + How To Lower It Naturally…

(from mind body green) We’ve all experienced the profound impact our blood sugar levels have on energy and mood, and it’s no fun. But beyond being an energy-draining annoyance, imbalanced blood sugar can seriously impair your ability to meet the demands of daily life, and—if chronically elevated—wreak havoc on your long-term health… Read the full […]

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Water Fasting Has Become Super Trendy, But Is It Powerfully Healing — Or Really Dangerous?…

Fasting seems to be the latest health trend, with intermittent fasting, alternate-day fasting, and water fasts becoming more familiar terms in the wellness landscape….  Get some advice on water fasting here at mind body green:

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‘FMD’ blog history… “Health: When is Dizziness a Big Deal?”…

Originally posted on for much deliberation:
The following article from explores dizziness and some of its effects. As mentioned, “In general, dizziness may be a sign that your body is trying to tell you something…  If dizziness is accompanied by other symptoms, it is important to get it checked out. When dizziness is severe,…

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‘Main causes of migraine’…  Shared from WordPress… 

Main causes of migraine –



Migraines associated with variations in structure of brain arteries… 

Summary:  The network of arteries supplying blood flow to the brain is more likely to be incomplete in people who suffer migraine, a new study reports. Variations in arterial anatomy lead to asymmetries in cerebral blood flow that might contribute to the process triggering migraines Read about migraines at Migraines associated with variations in structure […]

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Watch out… This is How Stress Affects Your Body…

Stress impacts the psychological state of a human being negatively, but do you ever think about how it affects the physiological function of the body? And your health as a whole? In this article, I will explain to you briefly how stress may affect various body organs, even though you might not realize it. Stress symptoms […]

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The ‘FMD’ Digest, Issue #3…

Welcome to the ‘FMD’ Digest for July 9th to August 8th, 2016… Geography: Some basic info on the atmosphere Intro… The earth’s surrounding atmosphere comprises a variety of elements and layers, all of which explain the various weather and climatic conditions experienced globally, and, specific to latitudinal differences. In order to understand and explain atmospheric […]

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10 Herbal Remedies to Cure Headache Naturally…

More than 9% of Americans suffer from migraines, and the cost for this ailment is more than $1 billion a year. It’s not necessary to take medicines directly when you feel a headache, there are some other natural ways you can consider. 1.Apple cider vinegar Mix a teaspoon apple cider vinegar in a glass of water […]

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