Poems  by  mvclarke:

New Originals
Like dreams I shouldn’t live with
Aspects of weather
Spirit welcomes the darkness… 
Reality test
Haiku (1)
Haiku (2)
Lying Alone in the Dark
Disconnected Desires
A time to conquer
To sever this being
a moment of liberty
Of pain, Of anger

Some poetry by other authors:

Louella Mahabir (elements of the dreamscape)

Susan Marie (I Am), (And the Gods Smiled)

Susan Hahn (Anthem)

Henry David Thoreau (I’m Thankful…)

Emily Dickinson (Now I know I lost her), (We grow accustomed…)

Elizabeth Barrett Browning (A man’s requirements), (How do I love thee?…)

Nathalie Handel (Testament in Barcelona)

Erasmus Darwin (The economy of vegetation)

Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner (Dear Matafele Peinem…)

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