The dreams…

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the dreams

the dreams are unspeakable
(like things that overwhelm)
the offspring of thoughts
or songs
from strange whispers
polluting my atmosphere…

the dreams begin at junctions in life
(or junctions in the midst of twenty four unwanted hours)
precursors to difficult things
and times
destroying serenity…

i can’t contain these dreams
(and i don’t always want to retain any thoughts)
i can’t rid myself of these thoughts (their source)
or these songs
with melodies that put me in a temporary trance
then move me from places of wanting
to places of needing
to sorts of desolation
or desperation
and a lack of fulfillment…

these dreams are different
(yet always the same)
i don’t need a physical touch
i don’t need sounds
or any sort of warmth to ignite any sort of fire
and no desirable thing
could be more overpowering than these dreams…

pollute my atmosphere
steal every creative thing from me

steal all sanctity
devour me
consume my life…

© mvclarke, November 2018

For daily prompts, overwhelm and melody


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  1. #1 by Sadje on 2018-11-23 - 14:01

    Pretty dark dreams

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    • #2 by Marts on 2018-11-23 - 15:29

      Yes, darkness mingled with a little confusion…

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