In mind and dream…

Drifting into sleep and self
Mind engorged with evening
Imagination indulging in twilight
And thoughts of night
Enrapture me
Making me fall into imaginary nothingness
As another day ends around me
Whilst I digest myriads of sound
I’m drifting into sleep
And myself
Transporting mind
To an unknown place
Where self saturates several seasons at once
And I have no understanding of my thoughts
And I have no remembering of realities
As I’m engorged with the evening
And the twilight
As I’m enraptured by something that whirls around me
Devouring me
I’m lost in mind
And dream…


© mvclarke, September 2018

For Daily Word Prompt, Enrapture and RDP Saturday, Fall



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  1. #1 by Sadje on 2018-09-29 - 19:55

    Very apt.

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