Where is the silence?…

For RDP Monday: QUAINT


Where is the silence?

There’s no longer silence

When the artificial invades the village

And I can’t see any pink or yellow poui anymore

Once, there was little evidence of humankind

With a winding road leading to a forgotten fortification

And snippets of quaint homesteads on the hillsides

Birdsongs bombarded the atmosphere in chorus

So I could hear a parrot or an oropendola or a kiskadee

And then there was true silence

With dew and mist and sunlight

With simplicity invading the village

But where is the silence

When every artificial thing punctures this brain

Like automobiles and appliances and machinery

Radios and cable TV

With a favourite playlist from someone’s cellular telephone

And I can’t find silence

Because when I search my surroundings

There is commerce and industry

And more people coming in from every far place

Then the roadside bar becomes a club

And the club becomes a gambling den

And where the money and the alcohol is there must be loud music

And there must be a party

And soon I’ll no longer know silence

Because four decades ago there was development and transformation

Like asphalted motorways and fauceted water and streetlights

Like incandescence and fluorescence

And where is the moonlight

And who cares for starlight

And there’s no longer silence

But now we have an internet

With Facebook and YouTube

And everything that is artificial has totally invaded me and the village

So now no one knows silence

And I sit here in the village drowning myself in memories

Mentally distancing self from these artificial things

Extracting these surroundings from my head

Refreshing myself with inner peace

Creating my own silence…


© mvclarke, June 2018

(This piece was previously submitted for the WordPress Everyday Inspiration – Day Ten)


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  1. #1 by granonine on 2018-09-24 - 12:41

    Silence. I love it. Sadly, too many people today see it as something to be avoided at all costs. When it’s too silent, after all, we can hear ourselves think.

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    • #2 by Marts on 2018-09-24 - 13:22

      Yes that’s true… The nice thing though is that today’s a public holiday here in Trinidad it’s Republic Day, so it’s relatively quiet, I guess some folks are resting for work tomorrow…

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