Word of the day challenge/Daily word prompt…

I could feel something exploding inside me
Something without colour or sound
That creates a subtle tension
That makes my mind become as some dangerously volatile thing

I don’t always like these feelings
They manifest themselves at odd times
Like five o’clock in the morning
Or when I’m in the midst of some reverent space
Like before someone’s holy altar
And I don’t feel like searching for any solutions
Or making any change
Or creating any revolution
Do I even want to solve anything
Do I want to rid myself of these ongoing transgressions
When my heart becomes like iron and granite
When my mind wants to explode
To detonate every adverse thing around me
To shatter

I’m not insane
My eyes need more colour
These greys in this reverent space are imprisoning me
These blacks and whites are polluting my atmosphere
I’m stifling in this dark place at 5 am
I’m slowly shifting to another mental time zone…


© mvclarke, September 2018


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