Daily Prompt: Black…

“From my observatory 20170210”

Queer yet beautifully crafted things, this existence. / A demonstration or series of well orchestrated patterns, this system. / As life resurrecting at sunrise until the time to die again at sunset / You can’t understand the queerness / Regardless of what dictionary you use with its literary applications and complications / Some musical rendition / Or an addition of black coffee to these common proceedings / Have you comprehended that last situation? / Or was it just an interruption to sleep with no real-time solution to that other man-made system that can’t protect you / Maybe I just can’t estimate effectively / Because what I think cannot fit / Is just the right ingredient for that special recipe / At least I did say that this world is beautifully crafted / At least I do know that certain things can’t be explained / As alarms, electronic lights and slamming doors / Some creations are so simple yet so marvelous / and the mind now / Ecstatic / Then day ends / Then we enter another episode of darkness… 

© mvclarke, 10 Feb 2017



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