Daily Prompt: Popular…

“From my observatory 20170328”

It wasn’t about fame and popularity
Or because they considered themselves more important
That’s not why they gathered
They didn’t need to find anything
They were never searching
They hadn’t any issues or concerns about any lack of information or transparency
And there was absolutely no question about ability or capacity
They entered peacefully
Then began to greet and gather in each other’s midst
They considered their upcoming task with the doubts and challenges before them
They thought of excitement, of opportunity, of camaraderie
The real and abstract
Things embodying new events
No one incompetent
No activity disconcerting
No process insurmountable
No discussion lacking worth
They reached the highest peak
Solved mysteries
Achieved every imagined success
Ignoring the imps and pessimists in their heads
Embracing dreams and ideas
In communication, collaboration and cooperation
They didn’t search for meanings
But meaningful interaction
And mobilizing opinion
So what are these things that we must now do?
Let’s now engage the recipients of our well coordinated affair… 

© mvclarke, 28 Mar 2017 – 1950hrs



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