Daily Prompt: Circle…

“From my observatory 20170408”

There were shouts and cries and loud roars on the inside
Where all the emotions were hidden
And where secrets tried to break down the concrete walls to escape the eternal sunsets.
There were conversations with quarrels and laughter
Some souls were swallowed in sadness
Whilst others took advantage of the elements of optimism that lingered in the atmosphere.
Then midday became a midnight of surprises and confusion
And this simple circle became as some deep gorge that no one could cross
As a mountain in the midst of a vast barren land with a cadre of folks determined to reach its summit
A team inseparable
Striving for a success they definitely deserve
Yearning for the opportunity to see the auroras and brighter lights and green plains on the other side of all these obstacles. 

© mvclarke, 8 Apr 2017



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